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A Design Principle At Play

Emphasis/Focal Point is a design principle used for organizing visual information. Through placement and contrast we can draw a viewer’s attention to specific parts of a composition creating areas that seem more important or more urgent than other areas around … Continue reading

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Between Sculpture and Fashion, Nick Cave’s Soundsuits

How to describe these amazing hybrids? Part sculpture and equally, part costume. Displayed in a gallery on a pedestal or worn by a performer. Regardless of how you first encounter one of these Soundsuits I guess that your response will … Continue reading

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Evolution of the Drawn Image: Animations by Jake Fried

Sick Leave from Jake Fried on Vimeo. Jake Fried is a Boston-based artist known for his handmade experimental animations. These animations are time lapse records of his very personal drawing/painting process – from preliminary layout to densely finished product. Using … Continue reading

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“I had in mind to do something big and I did it.” – Simon Rodia

As a child growing up in Los Angeles my life was predictable and mundane. My neighborhood was a grid of suburban streets composed of identical box-like houses. But one Sunday my sense of what was possible changed. On this Sunday … Continue reading

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Tiny Drawings Use Scale and Time

Krista Charles is an artist in New Mexico who makes detailed pencil drawings on the inside of matchbook covers. Years ago matchbooks were nearly as common as business cards and they advertised all kinds of commercial establishments. Charles uses Google … Continue reading

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Our Facebook and Pinterest pages

This blog is part of a larger project centered around our e-book Design: A Beginner’s Handbook. The other parts of the project are our Facebook page and our Pinterest boards. Links to both of those sites are in the banner … Continue reading

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Welcome to our new blog Design: A Beginner’s Handbook. We have just published an e-book by the same name and this blog complements that book. The book is written specifically for Apple’s iOS and Mac OSX. You can download a … Continue reading

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