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This blog is part of a larger project centered around our e-book Design: A Beginner’s Handbook. The other parts of the project are our Facebook page and our Pinterest boards. Links to both of those sites are in the banner at the top of this page.

The Facebook page is a place where our e-book readers can share the photo albums they create as they complete each chapter of the book. Album makers and other page followers can then comment on those albums. They can also comment on the general posts we publish. The Facebook page is a community gathering spot based on sharing and dialog.

design book cover and radial design

The Pinterest boards, on the other hand, are a constantly evolving resource for our readers. Design: A Beginner’s Handbook is illustrated with examples of design found in the everyday world around us. The fifteen Pinterest boards (one for each chapter of the book) show how experienced artists, architects, designers and crafts people use those design elements and principles in their work. The Pinterest boards are there to inform you as well as give you inspiration and ideas.

Pinterest design boards

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  1. SimonB says:


    I am doing some market research and reaching out to bloggers interested in using Pinterest to grow a business. I was wondering if anyone had ever had any success on Pinterest in pinning direct from Instagram and whether anyone is interested in this?

    thanks in advance


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