Welcome to our new blog Design: A Beginner’s Handbook. We have just published an e-book by the same name and this blog complements that book. The book is written specifically for Apple’s iOS and Mac OSX. You can download a free sample, or purchase the full version, at Apple’s iBooks Store. Click on the “Buy The Book” link in the banner at the top of this page.

design patterns

A page from the chapter on pattern.

In future posts we will focus on design elements and principles as they appear in traditional venues and the everyday world around us. Because we live in such intensely visual times you can expect to see a wide-ranging, eclectic mix of information on these pages. In addition to painting, sculpture, architecture, illustration and product design, look for posts about scrapbooking, home decor, crafting, music videos, urban planning, and outsider art (among other things). Design is everywhere and we expect to eventually feature most of it here.

We will also be visiting exhibitions and events (and reporting back to you). There will be links to online articles, blogs and other resources. And we will periodically publish “how-to” articles and design exercises for those of you interested in making things.

Hopefully these blog posts will help you see the world around you in an expanded light. Developing visual literacy is our goal and we welcome you along for the ride.

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