Evolution of the Drawn Image: Animations by Jake Fried

Sick Leave from Jake Fried on Vimeo.

Jake Fried is a Boston-based artist known for his handmade experimental animations. These animations are time lapse records of his very personal drawing/painting process – from preliminary layout to densely finished product.

Using ink, water-based paint, white-out and coffee, Fried paints layers of imagery on top of layers of imagery on top of layers of imagery. Each small step in the process is scanned and assembled into a continuous video. The resulting animations are intense, psychedelic and dream-like.

Shape, line, texture, pattern, value, color and time are all major elements in Fried’s animations.

Raw Data from Jake Fried on Vimeo.

Speaking about his video Raw Data Fried says, “I would say it’s generally about man vs. tech and a sense that the animation watches you as you watch it…I fundamentally believe that art making should be a ‘discovery’ process; otherwise I’d have no interest…I want to learn something new or follow some unknown path.”

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