Scale and Proportion as a Narrative Device

In Chapter 12 of “Design: A Beginner’s Handbook,” we discuss the design principle of Scale and Proportion. The artist Duane Michals has created a wonderful example of this principle in his series of black and white photographs called “Things Are Queer.”

Duane Michals photo series

In an interview in American Photo Magazine Michals makes an interesting comment about scale –

APM – The internet has also reinforced the supremacy of the strong singular image, with so much competing for attention. It must be difficult to make quiet, considered images stick nowadays.

DM – I always said I want my photographs to whisper. Whereas a lot of photographs shout to get attention. Now there are big eight, seven-foot photographs—that’s shouting. A little print you have to come up to—’Say what? Tell me?’ It’s a whole different experience.

(Note that the photographs in “Things are Queer” are small 4 x 5 inch images on 5 x 7 inch sheets of paper.)

The full interview has lots of great insights about being an artist. To read more…

To see more of Michals work and to read a short bio follow this link…


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