Kinetic Art: Moving Through Space and Time

In chapter 15 of Design: A Beginner’s Handbook we discuss kinetic art – art that literally and physically moves. Here are two artists who create this type of moving artwork.

Anne Lilly is a Boston-based architect-turned-sculptor known for her highly crafted and complex stainless steel artworks that move in intricate patterns when the viewer pushes a lever, turns a crank, or otherwise activates the piece. As the visual components move about they create unexpected new relationships with each other, encouraging the viewer to see the total object as endlessly unfolding and recombining.

STRANDBEESTEN_TRAILER from Alexander Schlichter on Vimeo.

Theo Jansen is a Dutch engineer-turned-artist noted for the large wind-driven creations he calls Strandbeesten. These complex mechanisms made of simple PVC tubing appear to to be living creatures that move about on their own. Over the years Jansen has helped the Strandbeesten evolve an evermore sophisticated artificial intelligence to the point where they can now store energy for future use and even respond to changes in the weather.

Anne Lilly’s artwork can be seen here…

Theo Jansen’s work is here…

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