Language of Motion Part 2

In last week’s blog post, The Language of Motion, I presented several artists who use the design principle of motion in their work (Chapter 15 in Design: A Beginner’s Handbook). I’d like to use this week to highlight past posts about this topic. In future posts I’ll present work that includes nature-driven mechanical devices, video installations, computer run sculptures, and projects in which the viewer provides the movement.

Jake Fried drawn animation, still image

Evolution of the Drawn Image: Animations by Jake Fried

Jennifer Steinkamp video installation at the Corcoran Museum of Art

A Brash Beauty: Jennifer Steinkamp Animates the World

animated phenakistoscope

From Still to Moving Image

Line drawing of two hands in the process of turning the pages of a flip book.

Design Exercise: Flip Book Animation

Kinetic sculpture by Anne Lily

Kinetic Art: Moving Through Space and Time

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