Food Is More Than Something To Eat

In a recent post we featured the flamboyant and cheeky food-based work of Bompas & Parr. Previously we showed you the meat centric paintings of Mark Ryden and the confectionary installations of Tanya Shultz (aka Pip & Pop). Blog readers who also follow us on Facebook will remember posts about Judith Klausner’s Oreo cookie portraits and the ice cream licking musical concert by Emilie Baltz and Carla Diana.

All of these inventive artworks only hint at the range of possibilities for using food in creative ways. There are many contemporary artists who use food directly – or refer to it – in their work. Many more artists throughout history have focused on food. It has been an integral part of human expression from the very first images on prehistoric rock walls.

Food is a serious business. It defines cultures. It is a major player in world politics. Food is a giant commercial industry of global proportions.

Food preparation, packaging and promotion present lots of possibilities and opportunities for young designers. If you are looking to explore food design as a profession here are two web based resources to get you started.

MOLD is an online “…food design editorial platform exploring the processes, materials and systems that will define our food futures.” They have articles about a wide range of food related items, from tableware/kitchenware to packaging and branding. It’s a good place to start learning about the serious (and not so serious) business of food design. By the way, they produced the video of Lickestra you see above.

ifooddesign is a website from the International Food Design Society. The site is for “…everyone who studies or teaches Food Design…everyone who does research on any topic concerning Food Design…everyone who designs food for the mass production or in a kitchen…everyone who thinks of food as a vehicle for emotional experiences.” They have a beautiful and informative website. It’s where we first discovered the work of Bompas & Parr.

Obviously this is a huge topic. If you know of another online food design resource we should be sharing with our readers, please tell us about it in the comments.

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