Random Things Online (Part 1)

In the last post I intended to provide links to a random assortment of online sites. Somehow I got distracted and instead focused on creativity. Today I am back to my original idea but with a slight twist. Yes, the links seen below are random but they are my way of spurring my creativity.

I’ve found that when I am stuck, exposing myself to a wide range of information will often provide the spark I need. In the days before the spread of the internet I’d find a good library and wander the aisles, pulling down books from the sciences, arts, engineering, fiction, history – in other words, just about anything and everything.

I now do this wandering online. I bookmark constantly in the hope that one day the information will be useful. I don’t edit and I don’t try to predict where to go. I know I’m not the only artist who works this way.

Maybe one of these links will start a chain of connections for you. Use these links as a departure point and begin your own collection of random, but potentially useful ideas and images.

Each of the images is a link. Just click.

taxidermy three-headed bird, what designers collect

What Designers Collect

road sign with giant rabbit, link to interesting ideas

Interesting Ideas

video still with drawing of a brain, link to VidLit

VidLit – Video Literature (Visual Storytelling)

hand-drawn map, link to strange maps

Strange Maps

outdoor art installation with pink smoke, link to Ignant Magazine

Ignant Online Magazine

photo of microscopic animals, link to Micropolitan Museum of Microscopic Art Forms

The Micropolitan Museum of Microscopic Art Forms

painting on book cover, link to The Jealous Curator

The Jealous Curator

Next week I’ll post more links for you to explore.

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