Artists in a Neon Wilderness

In our last post we discussed neon signage. Today we’ll present the work of  visual artists who’ve employed neon light. Some of these artists work exclusively with the medium of neon but for others neon is only one material among many that they have used during their artistic career. In addition, several artists work with both neon light and fluorescent tubes.

Each of the names listed below the image is a link that you can use to find out more about the artist and their work.

neon art by Stephen Antonakos

Stephen Antonakos

neon art by Ivan Navarro

Ivan Navarro

neon art by Shezad Dawood

Shezad Dawood

neon art by Cerith Wyn Evans

Cerith Wyn Evans

neon art by Michael Hayden

Michael Hayden

neon art by Chryssa


neon art by Craig Kraft

Craig Kraft

neon art by Bruce Nauman

Bruce Nauman

neon art by Tracey Emin

Tracey Emin

neon art by Joseph Kosuth

Joseph Kosuth

neon art by Robert Montgomery

Robert Montgomery

neon art by Jung Lee

Jung Lee

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