Revisiting The Vertical Gardens of Patrick Blanc

This week’s blog post is a repeat of one of our early favorites from February, 2015. Vertical gardens are trending items in today’s corporate and public spaces. Readers who live in larger cities will have undoubtedly seen one in person.

Let’s look at the man largely responsible for popularizing this unique art form…

The Vertical Gardens of Patrick Blanc

Patrick Blanc is a French botanist who has long been interested in growing plants using alternative, non-soil environments. In the late1980s he created a “green wall” made of living plants at the Museum of Science and Industry in Paris. Since then Blanc has developed and popularized these vertical gardens around the world. He now works with noted architects and designers to build gardens on existing walls and to integrate vertical gardens into the design of new buildings.

Vertical Garden

At first glance Blanc’s green walls look somewhat like the random face of an overgrown cliff in a tropical jungle. On closer examination, however, it becomes obvious that the plantings are orchestrated with flowing ribbons of foliage creating complex, dynamic compositions.

Scale, texture and color are the prevailing design elements in Blanc’s work. But a pleasing visual experience is merely one of their attributes. Blanc’s living walls – and the countless other vertical gardens inspired by his work – are helping to soften the impact of endless concrete that dominates our contemporary urban world. His walls also join with rooftop gardens to give cities a greener and more ecologically balanced profile.

Vertical Garden

The infrastructure beneath one of Blanc’s green walls requires a massive support matrix and a complex mechanism for delivering water and nutrients to the plants. Here is an article describing Patrick Blanc’s working process…

His website is located here

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