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At this time of week I’m usually searching for a new topic for this blog. Sometimes ideas appear magically, other times it’s a lot more work. This week an idea was dropped into my lap. In my mailbox I found a link to a post about a new store in Japan that is designed to sell color pigments, especially rare and disappearing ones.

thousands of paint samples in Japanese store

I immediately thought about last week’s post Pigments and Dyes: Where Do Colors Come From? At the same time, I was struck by the fascinating design of the space which reminded me of An Ocean of Books, a recent post which discussed the Tianjin Binhai Library in China.

Color. Architecture. Maybe there’s a connection.

The solution to the search for this week’s topic is an assortment of links to articles about color pigments, and color and architecture. Some of these sites have an in-depth essay, others a collection of images. Many of the architecture posts are from ArchDaily, a great source for new international architectural projects.

Click on each image below to link to further information.

Japanese art supply store

Forbes Pigment Collection at Harvard

red pigments in a mural at Pompeii


all white interior with bright orange stairway

bookstore interior with rainbow colored metal detailing

architectural interior with green and yellow walkways and stairways

exterior view of bank in Japan by Emmanuelle Moureau

Rainbow interior installation by architect Emmanuelle Moureaux

building exterior with colored stripesbuilding exterior with color and lightsbuilding exterior made from colorful lego-like blocks

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