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I Hate My Computer

Looks like there will be no new post this week. My computer is staging a protest and for the fourth time is on its way to my local Apple store. Last time I broke down and bought a new and … Continue reading

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Design At Extreme Scales

We often hear the phrase “design is all around us.” That usually refers to items such as artworks in galleries, the clothes we wear, the books and magazines we read, or the furniture in our houses.  Design, however, also happens … Continue reading

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Design Exercise: Repetition

In two recent posts I discussed the use of repetition and its relationship to the design principles of Balance, Unity and Variety, the Grid, Pattern, and Rhythm. Today I want you to put to use your new-found knowledge about repetition. … Continue reading

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Simple Forms/Inventive Forms

Whenever I find myself looking at a collection of images – in galleries or while surfing the web – I’m inevitably drawn to objects that are both severely understated and yet inventive. I think I’m fascinated by how the artists … Continue reading

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