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Ramiro Gomez: I Choose To Recognize That The Custodian Was Here

When my blogging partner was writing our recent post about Eduardo Sarabia it reminded me of another contemporary Mexican-American artist. A young painter/sculptor working in Los Angeles named Ramiro Gomez. I first became aware of Gomez when I read about … Continue reading

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A Sea of Signs: Resistance

We spent last Saturday marching in Oakland, California with 100,000 other patriotic Americans fearful for our country’s future. What started out as a national women’s march quickly turned into an international call for resistance. Yes, I know this is a … Continue reading

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The Art of Resistence: John Heartfield

This last week has been a traumatic one for many of us living in the United States. A Trump presidency should have been impossible. I’ve had a hard time concentrating, in fact, it’s been difficult to get out of bed. … Continue reading

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